Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Matt vs. :)

So it has been a few days, but hey its my blog, so I guess it doesn't matter. This song makes me smile. "they got cool cool guy errands that they have to walk to", lol. Man, it seems these days I cling to anything that will make me smile. You know when everything just isn't going according to plan. Well, I feel like i am stuck in that rut right now. Not that anything in particular is that bad. Just things are just not going how I would like them too. You know what they say, "best laid plans of mice and men." So, I find things like this that make me smile.

Thanks for taking the time to check my blog. Things will get better, for everyone. Things wont always be this bad. I have to keep looking up, keep laughing, and just remember that this is only temporary. :) Let me know what you do to "Keep Smiling."

1 comment:

  1. YOU make me keep smiling!!

    But, honestly, the little things keep me smiling. Watching my daughter discover something new or even just riding her bike. That is pure JOY on her face. Finding my favorite TV show on makes me smile. Eating a bite of a yummy treat makes me smile. A really good book makes me smile.

    DATE NIGHT (hint, hint) makes me smile!