Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Matt vs. The FUTURE!!!

dun dun dunnn.....

wow, so here i am standing on the edge of tomorrow, what will the future bring? its kinda like the christmas eve of my life. tomorrow you know things are going to be great, you have waited for this moment for so long, but this time i am just a little bit nervous.

so, to bring you up to speed...

today i just had my last in class, sit through a lecture, class period in college. i know, you might be saying, no big deal, people graduate all the time. but, you don't know what it has taken to get to this point. i have been going to school at dixie college, off and on, for close to 12 years. that is enough time for me to have a deacon. i don't even want to think about all the money (through a lot of generous donations of my loved ones, mom and dad, thanks, i love you. and a lot of blood sweat and tears of my own.) that i have spent on this expedition. i am sure that there has been many a time when my poor wife just thought "would ya give it up already", but she has stuck by me. i have been on the campus of dixie college longer then most of the faculty and staff. to some it all up, i have been going to school for way to long. so, now i finish. i take a step out into the world and say "world, do your worst". you know, i don't feel any smarter. i don't feel like i have done this great thing, but inside i cant help but smile little. many have said, "but matt, you own your own business, why do you need to go to school?" and to that i say, for ME.

its not like me to linger on something. i like to walk to the edge and jump, and not look to much at the cliff, cause that way you might not jump. i am the, rip off the band-aid quick, to get the pain over with type of guy. this time i stuck it out, i saw it through to the end.

to the future i go, today is over and tomorrow will be full of all new adventures. so, to the world i say "bring it on" i feel more ready to take you on then ever before. i have sat looking over this edge long enough, now its time to step to the edge and jump. enjoy the ride on the way down, and i will see you all when i surface.